Monday, 27 August 2012

Old School,vs New school or No school? | Southbound' Inc

This debate is in 2 parts, and if you missed it, this will give you a LOT of value. Keep in mind, I’m the lone solo here, who doesn’t think that everyone should buy this course. (I have no motivation – other than the value in this live broadcast, and empowering you to get results, see this.)

Part #1:Old School,vs New school or No school?

Part #2: How to create INSTANT breakthroughs…

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A couple of important points before I continue:

To participate in the live debate, you need to register for this site, and register to comment. (I know, clunky – I’m working on that)…

…To register for the site – just click the big blue ‘Work with David on Facebook‘ button in the upper right.

To register for the comments, just scroll down – you’ll want to follow the conversation, and share all your feedback on Facebook and Twitter – go ahead and register now. (you’ll also get a free social profile on my site, linking to yours, a free 8 day traffic workshop, and some other cool stuff for registering)

SECOND… we are going to be talking about Jonathan’s ‘Futuristic Marketing’ course through this debate – if you’re going to buy it (really, it’s cool if you buy, or not – the purpose of today is to bring value) buy it from this page. Why?

100% of all my commissions from it are going to be donated to research on Spinal Disease. If you want to know why, watch this video with Cristina Munoz. I’m still waiting for her to get back to me with a world wide charity, though, so I might just end up sending the money to australia.
Click Here to Buy From My Link, and Help CURE Spinal Disease.

Why am I giving my commissions away? Simple. Because I make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month online without doing launches, and want to give back. Today isn’t about me – it’s about you. Today, you get to learn from some of the greats – Eric Worre ACTUALLY is the person that originally taught me to recruit offline, and some of the concepts that we’re going to be vehemently arguing about today are the principles that I transposed into internet marketing, that have allowed me to PAY YOU over $10 million in commissions in the last 8 months, and currently do over $3 million in sales per month…

PARTICIPATE in the live conversation below. I’m going to be on here all day, taking questions, responding to YOU, and helping you create breakthroughs, no matter what business you’re in.

Do me a favor – if you want to help with the cause, do 2 things:

1. Buy Futuristic Marketing for $495 from this link. (as a special note - I get absolutely nothing for this. I’m doing it to raise money for a great cause. I’m not trying to win Jonathan’s audi R8, either – I’m helping Eric Worre win it – because he’s helped me out a lot, and he deserves it) The cart opens at 11am EST.

2. Share this page (opens in a new window) on your Facebook Wall. It will help distract attention away from the ridiculous bonuses people are bribing you with to buy from them.

The truth is, they just want a car, and if we’re going to be honest, the bonuses are mostly old information that hasn’t worked in 6 years.

What we’re doing for you today, for free, is worth more.

I don’t care about that, I’m here to give you value, and help with a great cause.

Looking forward to the conversation :)

(remember – register for the site, and for the comments below)

-David Wood
“The Guru Slayer“

P.S. I think we can raise $50,000 – $100,000 for charity if you help share this page. What do you think?
Old School,vs New school or No school? | Southbound' Inc

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