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Empower Network Domination

Fast and Easy Monetization Techniques for Internet Marketers' Blogs

As an IM'er you realize that one of the most popular ways to bond with your clients is via blogs. A blog is a good choice for keeping your potential clients informed about the things that are brewing in your business. It is wonderful technique that can be used to build up trust with blog readers who might be interested in purchasing your products. It shows them that you know what is occurring with the market in this day and time. Also, it can be a good way to get a little extra cash. Blogs have many different ways that it can be monetized. We are going to talk about some of them.

Affiliate marketing happens to be a very easy way to jump into online marketing for a beginner. Quite frankly, you may have used affiliate marketing as a way to get additional money to build up your company. But, continue promoting your affiliate products. Why put them on your blog? Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to make additional money. If your intentions are to keep using passive advertising on your blog, then you can opt for this form of advertising in the future as well, but the way that you want it done. Besides, if you have more than one way to earn an income, it is a smart move on your part.


Use your headers and footers for banner advertising. Obviously, the sidebar of your blog should be utilized for advertising. Consider putting a few ads in your footer and header. The header and footer space of your blog should be utilized for banner advertising. Banner advertising is more lucrative than sidebar advertising. If your have space large enough for header and footer ads, you can make a quite a bit of money for these types of ads. This is due to the fact these types of ads are seen from all pages of your blog. Banner ads can be sold via an advertising portal.

blogs will let people see the quality of your writing.

Think about blogging for another webmaster. Owning a blog will let people see the quality of your writing. You can write blog posts for other blogs and get paid. As a blogger all you have to do is write great conversational blog posts that do not require much research. All that is require is a little bit of your style and personality and they will be great for all to read. If you learn how to use this strategy then you will have plenty of new website owners wanting you to produce their blog posts.


You can use it to get a little more money in your pocket. There are numerous advertising methods that you can use with a blog. In this article, we have discussed a couple of these methods. If you do a little searching, you could find more ways to earn a living with your blog. Get to it now.

By Bina Omar
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Empower Network Domination

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