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Discover mindset & How To Make A Difference In The World

Many people tend to believe that they are not capable of changing the world just because they are not rich and powerful. As much as money may considerably help in impacting society, having the right mindset is the best way to know how to make a difference in the world. This starts by doing little things that impact society in the lowest level.
Most people who have made a difference in the earth had a humble mindset background and had to learn how to appreciate the little things that life offers. Making a difference is all about influencing the mindset of people to follow dreams that will help them improve their lifestyles and that of the next generation. For this, one needs to be capable of influencing people in their social circles before venturing to bigger circles.Furthermore, there are other ways of making a difference in the planet, other than politics than control the mindsets of people. Talents and skills can sometimes be as useful and help impact society in a bigger way. For instance, Steve Jobs was not politically powerful neither was he socially connected but he managed to make an impact by inventing apple accessories.

When you think about it, its never an easy task and require determination and lots of sacrifices; however it is always important to remember that all contributions matters no matter how small they are. Everyone is capable of changing the earth all they need to do is utilize their talents and skills to empower people. Sometime one should just give without expecting anything in return.

Complaining and always whining will never change anything; it will just cover issues that need solutions. For this, people should stop complaining and make things happen by getting involved in the matters that affect them or better yet show the way by leading. The public posses political power and if the leaders in office are not doing their jobs, people should unite and elect new leaders that are envisioned to make changes.

At times, setting a good example by being a good role model is all it takes to impact the lives of the people looking up to you. Understanding the position that one hold in society is a nice way to learn how to influence the people in your social circles. However, one should be careful when leading because people are always watching you, and a little screw up can destroy the lives of many.

As much as power and money contribute a lot to developments its the dreams that keeps people going on even there is a shortage of funds or resources.

keep your mindset on the prize

having the right mindset is the best way to know how to make a difference in the world.

This goes hand in with motivation that will ensure people are never giving up no matter what they go through. Also, like mother Teresa taught, its better to help one person than not to help at all just because one cannot get enough.

It is frustrating at times when one has plans of how to make a difference in the world but lacks the necessities to do so. This should never be discouraged by this, as long as there are people who are capable of helping, all is needed is to influence them in to making the changes required to change the world.

by Janell Bowersmindset

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Southbound' Inc | Building a business while having a life

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