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edgiedge: Shyness - Effective Tip Almost a Secret

Say Goodbye to Shyness - Effective Tips

Shyness is an extremely devastating disorder. Shyness makes people negative, makes it harder to become a successful person and reduces life satisfaction in general. If you would like to have the best life you can possibly get, you have to say goodbye to shynessand become confident. How to do that? Here are 3 good tips that will help you:1. ExposureFirst you have to find out how to decrease your anxiety. In order to learn how to do that, you have to deliberately put yourself in situations when you feel shy and don't back off (no matter how difficult it is) till the feeling of anxiety is no longer that uncomfortable. Practicing this on a regular basis will force your brain to face uncomfortable situations instead of escaping them (which will only make you feel even more insecure).It's extremely important so I have to repeat that - it will be super difficult to expose yourself to the anxiety in such a way. However, if you seriously want to get over shyness, you have to be brave.
2. Don't compare yourself to others
You don't feel shy all day and with every person. Are you shy when you're talking to a 5 year old child? Your answer was "no" - and the reason is that you treat kids as inferior to you (he's just a kid). And now consider talking to a beautiful girl. Now it's completely different because you are sure that this girl is more valuable than you are. This is a very important concept: if you don't accept the person you are and don't improve your self-esteem, you will always have problem dealing with people who you believe are more valuable than you are.
Put an end to this mentality. Don't think about people in terms of superior/inferior. We are all equal.
3. Work on your social circle
Last but not least, people who support you are a must. Work on getting to know super confident people who will teach you (if only by observing them) how to be confident. You won't become confident by playing computer games with all the nerds from the school. You need to leave your house and find something more substantial to do.

Say Goodbye to Shyness

Bear that in mind: overcoming shyness is a simple process but it doesn't mean it's easy. Once you put into use these three tips, you will dramatically increase your self-confidence. Just don't forget that it requires hours and hours of practice and a lot of determination to kill your shyness forever. So be sure to be laser-focused on this area of your life and never give up. Take action today!
by Nathaniel Gray

It takes time to overcome shyness. Check this article: Shyness - How to Deal with It? and apply the tips from it to get rid of shyness once and for all!

edgiedge: Shyness - Effective Tip Almost a Secret

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