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Empower Network Review, 021012 | Southbound' Inc

So what is the Empower Network Really?

Empower Network in a nutshell is a viral blogging community that allows its users to utilize their blogging platform to drive traffic and leads to whatever product or service you have to offer.
empower network
Yes Empower Network is a blogging platform but it’s SO MUCH more than that. I’ll tell you why, let’s start from the newbie marketer and work our way down….

Why Empower Network Is PERFECT for Newbies

** Online marketing is BIG right now. Nearly everyone owns a blog. Did you know there are 17 million plus blogs and that number is increasing daily? People utilize the internet as a tool to brand both themselves and their businesses, as well as to earn affiliate commissions. With all these blogs out there, how is the new internet marketer going to make it?

This is where Empower Network comes into play!

Ok, let’s say for example Empower Network doesn’t exist (hey, it’s only been around for a short time anyway) To market successfully online here’s a laundry list of what you’ll need…
  • A domain
  • Hosting
  • A blog
  • A designer if you can’t build your blog on your own
  • A lead capture page
  • A sales funnel
  • And an autoresponder
  • And an autoresponder series to market to your list as it grows
Honestly, did you know you needed all that? Would you even know where to start getting it all? How about the cost, do have any idea how much all that costs?

HUNDREDS of dollars, and that’s BEFORE you even get started marketing online! Each of these things cost both money AND time.empower network

Empower network eliminates all off this hassle and saves you a TREMENDOUS amount of time AND money. Empower Network is only $25/mth, can you believe that? Seriously, even the BROK EST online marketer can get $25 to get started. The auto responder by itself cost $20/mth. For only 25 bucks you get a ready to go blog. We’re talking a extremely optimized and fully functioning blog here!

Here’s the ‘secret’ to the Empower Network blog: EN blog provides a significantly higher page rank that enables your blog posts to rank faster and higher on popular search engines, like Google and Bing. With a regular personal blog, your starting page rank is a BIG FAT “0” – which means the search engines will not be sending you any “traffic love” any time soon.

See, one of the biggest problems online marketers suffer from is lack of marketing knowledge. New marketers need to focus on learning how to market! It only makes sense! Empower Network helps you learn to effectively market on the internet through their “Fast Start Training” videos. All the bases of internet marketing are covered within these videos so you’ll be well on your way to becoming a internet marketing pro much sooner than if you were to try to learn all of it on your own. These videos literally take you step by step through everything you need to do and shows you the EXACT way to do it. Empower Network also has weekly conference calls tailored to effectively train you as an online marketer, from the TOP internet marketers in the planet!

In your first few months as a new internet marketer you’re almost guaranteed to not generate any income AT ALL.

BUT By utilizing the Empower Network to begin marketing, your investment is significantly cheaper with a significantly higher return. As an affiliate of Empower Network you earn 100% commissions for each person you refer to sign up with Empower Network.

How Killer is that?

you spent a MASSIVE $25 to get started?

You only need ONE sale to cover your costs! Any body can get 1 $25 sale

Think about it make one sale, and get your $25 investment back! In effect you’re learning to generate leads and market on the internet which will earn you money!

now that you newbie marketers see how Empower Network benefits you, where does that leave the veteran marketers? Don’t worry, they got you guy’s covered too.

A Veteran Marketer can ROCK the Empower Network

A lot of the Veterans first saw Empower Network, They instantly dismissed it and thought “Here’s another new shiny object to suck people in.” But have you really taken a look at Empower Network and power behind it?Empower Network

but after really taking a look at what the Empower Network has to offer, they are finding Empower Network is a phenomenal tool that can be utilized by both veteran and new marketers.

Empower Network offers a seasoned marketer

Marketing powerhouses even know that when they introduce someone new to internet marketing either via a network marketing business or a marketing system, it can be EXTREMELY STRENUOUS and LABORIOUS. It can be so stressful that you don’t have time to deal with it all! I know you know that’s the truth. Come on, you know the phone calls – “it’s been 3 whole days and I haven’t generated one lead”; “my autoresponder isn’t working”; “how do I connect the knee leg bone to the thigh leg bone”; – “why this”; “why that”; “how do I do this”; – “how do I do that”. Right??? You know the calls! You receive them every day!

Empower Network has something that literally no other program can offer – a stupid simple plug and play system that even a 7 year old could use! There’s NO technical jargon to paralyze your new people and the beautiful thing is that Empower Network actually INCREASES duplication. Isn’t that really what we really want? There should be no more drudging calls that take HOURS of your valuable time to fix one silly little problem. You can now market Empower Network to your team with confidence KNOWING that the people they sponsor WILL be able to handle it, easily and effectively. There’s no more worries about if your new team member is going to sink or swim!… If they’re going to make money… None of that!

The extensive training Empower Network provides is a dream come true for veteran marketers! Empower Network’s Fast Start training videos “SHOWS and tells” EXACTLY what to do, how to do it and how often! There’s no more need for holding “mastermind” calls for your team on basic marketing techniques. The Empower Network training videos, weekly training calls and webinars will handle all of that for you!

see Michael Harrington reviewEmpower Network

Now of course in addition to those above benefits, the pay off for vets from utilizing Empower Network is the MONEY! When you plug your people into Empower Network, prepare to watch your bank account EXPLODE! Vets also get 100% commission, the minute your new person clicks “SUBMIT!” But believe or not, that’s not the best part. Did I mention that there’s RESIDUALS at play here in the Empower Network? : ) I’ll cover that later in this post. You’ll want to stick around for that, trust me!

Aren’t you ready to free up more of your time? Click here to join the Empower Network NOW!

Build backlinks to your blog with Empower Network

I’m sure you already own your own blog. If you’ve read through everything before you got to this section then you already know that the Empower Network is an amazing blogging platform that enables literally ANYONE to market and earn money online. So you have an idea of the genus power Empower Network holds, but where does that leave you? Don’t fret, they have you covered too!

After signing up with Empower Network you get instant access to a ready made wordpress blog, fully loaded with hosting, lead capture page and sales funnel! As an experienced blogger you know that this is about as close as you can get to ‘just add water’! Backlink building with your own Empower Network blog helps build your internet credibility – FAST!

You’re probably asking yourself, “what Empower Network has to do with backlinking?”
empower networkTo fully comprehend what qualifies as a ‘quality backlink’, you’ll need to understand PangeRank. Now, you seasoned bloggers already know what pagerank is, but if you’re new to blogging pagerank is PIVITOL to your blogs success. So, I’ll break it down for you and give you a little blogging history lesson J
Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google created PageRank. ‘Webcrawler’ was started by Larry Page in March of 1996. Larry started ‘webcrawler’ from his own Stanford homepage. Brin and Page created the pagerank algorithm to convert the backlink data into a measure of importance. Just Google Larry Page to get the rest of the story.

Here’s the point…Empower Network has a pagerank of 1 already

PageRank rating goes from 0 to 10. All new sites start off at the bottom of the bucket with a PR of “0”. The only sites that have a PR of 10 are sites like Google and Yahoo. Other sites like Ezines and Hubpages have a PR of about 5. Personally owned blogs usually average a PR of 0 – 3 or so. There are some that rank at about 4 or 5. If you’re an experienced blogger then you know that achieving pagerank time a considerable amount of time, credibly, and backlinks or (references). The importance of your site is directly reflective of the PR your site has.

So… here’s how to link your current personal blog to your Empower Network blog to create some HIGH quality backlinks…

When you’re site has backlinks from sites with a PR that’s that the same or higher than your site, that’s considered a quality backlink. The importance of your site reflective of the number of quality backlinks you have. When the search engines perceive your site as important they will rank you higher in the search engines. So since Empower Network already has a PR of 1, linking/connecting your two blogs gives you some hefty backlink juice for your personal blog!
(Click the picture below to see a sample and visit my Empower Network blog)
If you want to quickly master the internet, Empower Network is the vehicle that will allow you to do just that. As I mentioned above, you receive several ‘Fast Start’ training videos as soon as you join, 8 videos to be exact. You’re guided and shown step-by-step in the videos how to get started. Each individual video has very specific tasks you need to complete. They’re very through but not long and tedious so you’re not mentally drained. They even have an approximately 20 page check list for you print out and a brief quiz for you to complete after each module. It’s like an Internet Marketing University if you will J Empower Network has really covered all its bases and made it as simple as possible for you.
You can generate money online quickly with Empower Network because of its target market, which is ANYONE who owns a blog or wants to own a blog! There are MILLIONS of recorded websites. The lead pool for the Empower Network is more like an endless ocean! The Empower Network sales funnel is a converting machine, literally! Additionally, all the leads that you generate are 100% your and belong to you for life! Think about that, you can market to those leads anything you want on the back-end using any auto-responder series you choose!Empower Network
With the Empower Network, you’re actually earning while you’re learning! With the 100% commissions that you generate as you learn to effectively market online you’ll be operating in the black while other marketers slide deeper into the red blindly marketing on the internet. You can learn at your won convince because of the training video series located in your back office and get all of your questions answered at the weekly training calls. The Empower Network community is phenomenal and extremely SUPPORTIVE!Empower Network
Empower Network Review, 021012
Empower Network Review, 021012 | Southbound' Inc

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