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Sail Boat, sailing boats Outfitting sail boats Outfitting your Sail Boat

Outfitting your Sail Boat

Sail Boat
When you get a new sail boat you could be nearly convinced to spend a large amount of money on electronic gear. Before so doing, step back and look closely at masts and rigging. Your rigging should be safe and sound. Stainless wire is the best choice, and while it is easy to get used rigging don't buy anything over a decade old.

Have the rigging checked by a seasoned rigger making sure the fitting have no indications of corrosion or cracking.Another good item to purchase at the outset is an inboard staysail. This requires backstays for those instances when you run into rough weather and high winds.

Look for light weight T-900 lines for a clean solution. If you plan on sailing downwind you will need a pole specially for that purpose. Look for a model that's simple to line up and puts away on the number one mast.
Aside from the masts, look for heavy weather sails and light sails along with a repair kit for a fast fix when there's an issue with your sail at sea. Get some information on fixing sails from someone with experience, along with a list of items you'll need for the fix kit.
A bosun's chair will be useful when you've got to go up and down the mast. This is also a safety issue. Get yourself a harness too so you're secure while climbing. Some other items you'll need for outfitting a sail boat include bungee cords, spray lubricant, shackles, swagging tool, wire cutter, winch kit, lifeline, life jackets, and sheet line simply to name 1 or 2.
If you're an inexperienced boater it's smart to consult with a cruising provider for a total list of the things you must make your sailing experience safe and nice. It is also worth using the time in research online and money to get boating lessons so that you're prepared for emergencies.
As you've possibly guessed boat possession is costly. You can , however , outfit your Sail Boat at a decent price if you go to used sea stores or consignment shops. These stores can cut your layout costs in half as can a Sea swap meet. There's also the choice of letting your fingers do the shopping online. The only concern with this approach is that you can't see the product up close, and may finish up purchasing a substandard product that's been misrepresented. Always check return policies. Also check and make certain that any items you're buying are still supported by the manufacturer so you can get replacement parts or service.
so What is a Sail Boat ?
A sail boat or sailing boat is a boat propelled partly or entirely by sails. The generic term covers a variety of boats, larger than small vessels such as sailboards and smaller than sailing ships, but distinctions in the size are not strictly defined and what constitutes a sailing ship, sailboat, or a smaller vessel (such as a sailboard) varies by region and maritime culture
by Erik Nelson
Erik Nelson owns Scorpion Marine, a marina that offers service, slips, sales, and more.
We are an owner operated marina in the business since 1976 specializing in boat sales, service, and storage. Our facilities are situated on 5 acres in Port Canaveral near Cape Canaveral, Florida. We are centrally located and offer direct access to the wonders of the ocean and the beauty of some of Florida's finest rivers. We are located just minutes away from world famous Cocoa Beach and less than an hour from Kennedy Space Center, Disney, MGM, Epcot, Universal Studios, and Sea World.

Scorpion Newport Marina

If you are looking for assistance in purchasing a new boat, Beachline Marine, our on-site Boat Brokerage specialists, can assist you in the purchase of a new or used Regal, Hydra-Sports, Clearwater, Rampage, or Silverton. Beachline Marine now offers a consignment program as well! So whatever style you are looking for from center console to catamaran, our boat sales deparment can assist you.
Our Service yard can assist you in your engine repairs, generator repairs, electrical, storage of your boat in our dry storage or wetslips, bottom painting, haulouts, parts purchasing, and more!
Here are a few of the many amenities we offer our valued customers:
110 Ton Travel Lift with a 30' Beam
15k Fork Lift
Indoor/Outdoor Boat Storage
Rack Storage Up to 40'
Dockage up to 110'
Complete Hull Repair
Complete Engine Repair
Marine Hardware/Parts/Supplies
Food and Beverages
Clean Bathroom Facilities
Clean Laundry Facilities

We hope you enjoy our website and please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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Outfitting your Sail Boat

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Sail Boat, sailing boats Outfitting sail boats

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