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Relations Enhance Your Relations In Just 5 Simple Steps | Southbound'

How To Enhance Your Relations In Just 5 Simple Steps

Is there somebody in your life you would like to have a more solid relationswith, a colleague, a partner, a loved one, a chum or neighbor?

Maybe you are thinking that there's nothing you can do to switch this, after all it's the other guy or girl who's the issue isn't it?

While there might be an element of truth in that, isn't it entertaining that not everybody seems to have an identical issue with her or him as we do? What that implies is we can probably have a more solid relationship with them than we currently do.

So what are we able to do for relations  in just 5 straightforward steps?


Stop judging others, or asking why are they doing that, I'd never do that. The majority of people will admit to this behaviour pattern, including me

- Listen to them without disrupting, completing their sentences, correcting them, or brooding about all the other stuff you could be doing instead

- Learn from the best sales folk, who use the adage you have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that proportion

- Find at least one good thing to say of them and really mean it, people know at some level when you're being fake

- Talk at the same pace and pitch as they do, if you speak fast and they speak slow you?ll find it tougher to communicate.

What if you're talking about relations not conducted in person or over the phone? Perhaps you communicate via e-mail or are connected from social media.

If you do communicate only in written form (even online), and can pick up the phone, then do so. It's far simpler to form a relationship that way, it's amazing how people get even more real when we connect to them in real life or hear their voice.

If you can only write:

- Don't launch straight into the content

- Do refer to a point of agreement during the past

- Do believe they cannot probably know all that you do or what's in your head, so what else would they have to know

- Do think what you need from the other party, and ask them politely for it, yet again they don't seem to be mind readers, and yes they're living in their own world

- Don't copy the whole of the world or try to point score, it'll reflect badly on you equally as much or more so.

Eventually, head the advisory warning handed down by mothers and fathers, 'if you've not got anything good to say, say nothing ', and consider that the same rule applies for Tweets, mails and Facebook posts.

by Andrew Wilkin
Andrew Wilkin is a Master NLP Specialist, Authorized Hypnotherapist and the founder of Dream Timeline, a free site to help people visualise their dreams using online vision boards.

Relations Enhance Your Relations In Just 5 Simple Steps

Relations Enhance Your Relations In Just 5 Simple Steps | Southbound'

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