Thursday, 6 December 2012

How To Turn Tragedy into Triumph with Kevin and Melissa Knecht | Empower Network

You know those situations we find ourselves in sometimes….
Late on the mortgage payment. Can’t pay the light bill. Credit card bill is due again. Cell phone just got shut-off! Or even worse – BANKRUPTCY.
I want you to meet a couple who knows these seemingly hopeless situations all too well – and decided that was not good enough for them – or their familySo they did something about itand in less than six months – created an entirely NEW and beautiful life for themselves (and a nice six-figure income). Click play and watch this “wake-up call” video below….

*Just because Kevin and Melissa made six-figures in six-months as they mentioned does not mean you will too. We promise no income of any kind – and we actually disclose the average incomes of our affiliates on our income disclosure document.
That’s HOPE.
And that’s what Empower Network is all about.
Setting an intention – creating a strategy – keeping it simple – and taking LOT’S of action.
To hear the rest of Kevin and Melissa’s breakthrough interview – and the FULL “sit down and break open their entire business for you to see and dissect” training — log in and listen in to the ‘Inner Circle’ audio named “From Tragedy to Triumph” 
The strategies they teach can be used by anyone, in any business – and are SIMPLE enough to apply and see results in your business (and your life) INSTANTLY.
In the brand new ‘Inner Circle’ audio just released in our members area — you’ll learn breakthrough and never before revealed concepts like….
==> How to “reverse” all past failures and any “hopeless-home” syndrome you have from past failed attempts to build a home-based business — and get your entire family THRILLEDand “rooting” for your success (even helping you build your business) 
==> An often overlooked (yet incredibly effective) strategy Kevin and Melissa used to build their current team, fast – WITHOUT ANY LIST
==> An unorthodox way to have friends and family (that once blew you and your business off)chasing you all over Facebook, begging you to tell them what you do –  and you only have to keep doing the things you’re ALREADY DOING (plus, the simple ‘trick’ Kevin will share with you in this audio)
==> How to “reactivate” yourself mentally after struggling to make “ends meet” — and how to turn any tragedy into a personal (and financial) triumph (this ‘mind tweak’ secret is incredibly POWERFUL — yet 99% of people don’t know it, and don’t do it)
This is the power of what’s POSSIBLE – with the right information, the right people around  you….
….and the right system…..
…at the right time.
Do you feel that? That feeling of new POSSIBILITY you’re having right now?
For most you of  YOU — the only thing you need is to believe YOU CAN DO IT.
And that everything you need to make it happen — is already INSIDE OF YOU.
You just need to let it outTo release it. To release YOUR Inner BadAss.
Just like Kevin and Melissa did — and just like thousands of people around the world have done already in just the last 12 months. And the best part is….
….it only takes the realization – that everything you want and deserve in life is ONEdecision away.
The only question you need to ask yourself (and ONLY you can answer it) – is:
Are you ready?
If so, join us.
Help us spread the message of freedom, entrepreneurism, financial and personal wealth and contribution.
Help us spread our message of HOPE.
We’ll see you on the “other side”.
Once you get here you won’t want to go back :)
David Sharpe
“5-Start general to an Army of BadAsses”
P.S. You YOU inspired? Are YOU ready? If so, let me know  share your thoughts and comments below…..How To Turn Tragedy into Triumph with Kevin and Melissa Knecht | Empower Network

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