Friday, 12 July 2013

Aussie App Roars To Life - This new Aussie finance tool is taking the app store by storm...

This new Aussie finance tool is taking the app store by storm... Better money management is a new financial year’s resolution for a lot of us, 

Better money management

But as the year skips along it’s one that’s probably waning a bit already as bills stack up and sale emails are sent through.
However it appears there is big group of people that are taking up the task with ease thanks to new smartphone app Pocketbook. Now an impressive number 2 in the app store for finance apps, this Aussie innovation is proving a super success.
Probably the most practical financial app out there, Pocketbook combines bank accounts, bills, transactions and financial goals in one central place. The cover-all personal finance system draws information from every facet of your financial life and lets you track how you’re going.

So impressive is the local product that it is outpointing every one of the Big 4 banks’ apps on iTunes after just a week on the app store. And after giving it a quick run, it’s not hard to see why.

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“The entire experience is geared towards individuals being on the go,” says co-founder Bosco Tan. “We think it's the best online banking experience anyone will have.”
It’s about to get even better too with a forward thinking tax feature due for release this week.
The new feature will scan your records to recommend possible tax deductions, allow users to snap photos of documents to link directly to transactions, and easily flag items as tax important so you can come back to them at tax time.
In another valuable addition, you will also be able to provide read-only access to an accountant or tax agent for quick and easy collaboration on your tax return.

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But that is all an added bonus to the basic money management function because, let’s be honest, this is where most of us fall down. A blowout sale, an unexpected bill, a big night out… once the guilt, or hangover, has subsided, it’s back to bad old habits and the budget is out the window.
Pocketbook prevents this expensive ignorance by taking all transactions straight from your bank account and plugging them into a live budget. Most transactions are automatically categorised, upcoming bills are detected and a weekly update is provided to help stay on task.
This all might sound a bit too glowing, but it is actually just a very impressive new app. And with the tax man knocking on your door, it’s about to get even better.
Silicon Valley eat your heart out. Then download the cost of that heart into your weekly budget.
What's the best app you have? leave your comment below , and have a great day :)

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