Sunday, 4 August 2013

It’s Time To Start Thinking Bigger | Empower Network

It’s time to think bigger.
Often times I’ve heard that Empower Network “won’t last long”. And frankly, I love it when people try and play God. I once heard, and often say “when you make plans God laughs”. And whether you’re a hard core believer or a total atheist, you get the drift.
As we come out of our 5th successful event, this one with close to 6,000 in attendance…
Denver Empower Network event….our vision of what’s possible keeps getting bigger (more photos from our events are available here).
I can remember when Dave Wood and I started this company, and what our intention was. It was clear: to help our teams succeed. That was it.
It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution in the home biz space this last 20 months. All the sudden, people started to succeed in ways I had personally never seen before (and to my knowledge, in ways that have never been done before in the history of our profession – especially for this size group). And all the sudden, people started to say “Empower Network is only about the money”. I’m also entertained by mind readers. I’d always wished I had that quality ;)

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It’s Time To Start Thinking Bigger | Empower Network

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