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How A Neil Diamond Cover Band Can Shape A Successful Set Lis

Hiring a Neil Diamond cover band remains a very popular way of marking celebrations across the world. Few singers and songwriters have enjoyed as much success as Diamond over the years, and many of his songs have become known as standards. Anyone playing in this type of groups has an enormous choice of songs that they can perform.
As a performer, Neil Diamond has sold over 125 million records across the world, a total only exceeded in his genre of adult contemporary music by Barbara Streisand and British star Elton John. If you are in a group looking for songs of his to perform, then this gives you a great deal of choice. As with any kind of set list, choosing the the right songs for the right event is crucial.
Many covers groups end up playing at wedding receptions, for example, an environment where people love to hear music that they know well. The audience does not expect to be challenged with less well-known songs. This means that the group should be looking to choose some of the singer's biggest hits.
There is a still a massive choice of songs from the singer's repertoire which musicians can use in their own set lists, though. The singer's career was given a huge boost in the late 1960s, although it started a few years earlier, when 'Sweet Caroline' was released. This song remains a great favorite for audiences across the world, and makes a great option for bands looking for popular covers.
The songwriter's career really began to surge in the early 1970s, and bands looking for material should always listen to the live album 'Hot August Night'. There are many classic songs on this LP which are great for bands to perform in their own set lists. 'Song Sung Blue' remains one of Diamond's best known songs from this era.
The 1970s was when this wonderful singer-songwriter really found huge fame, however, and this decade is a rich source of material for bands who perform covers. The singer himself recorded a new version of his 60s song 'I'm a Believer', a number which The Monkees made very famous indeed. Barbara Streisand covered another of his well-known songs, 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' during this era too.
Almost everyone knows the hit song 'Red Red Wine', though few people will know that Diamond wrote it, if you ask them. It was a song which was made very famous by British reggae act UB40 in the 1980s, though it was Tony Tribe in the 60s who first gave the number a reggae arrangement. The song retains its ability to grab audiences, and should be considered by any covers group.
A Neil Diamond cover band therefore has a massive range of hits from they can choose material. With a career which stretches from the 1960s to the first early decades of the 21st century, few singers have lasted as long. As well as longevity, his repertoire also contains songs which are standards, and therefore make great inclusions in any group's set list.

by Catalina Nielsen
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