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Animal magnetism

What Is Animal Magnetism?

It’s A Power, A Force And A Tool.Animal Magnetism
A Force Acting Mutually Between Particles Of Matter – Or People – Tending To Draw Them Together.
The Relationship Between People Or Things That Are Naturally Or Involuntarily Drawn Together.
High-Powered Vibrations – An Aura Or Spirit About You That Infuses Or Vitalizes Someone Or Something, And That Can Be Instinctively Sensed Or Experienced By Others.
The Emotion Of Sex – Projected To Others.

What Animal Magnetism Does.

Supercharges The Atmosphere Around You With Vigor And Desire
Pulls People Emotionally To You
Pulls Your Burning Desire To You – And Attracts Ideas To Fulfill Those Desires
Develops Your Greatest Imagination And Creative Abilities
Compels Others To You – Irresistibly
It Entices, Attracts, Interests, Allures, Charms, Captivates, Fascinates And Bewitches Others
It Enchants – Draws Another By Exerting A Compelling Influence
It’s Vibrant – Pulsating Rapidly With Life, Vigor, Activity And Personality
What To Use It For.

Animal magnetism Attracting Individuals To You

Leading A Group
Mesmerizing A Group
Getting A Better Job – Or Getting A Raise
To Effectively Persuade Others
To Create Followers, Fans And People Who Admire You
Building And Leading A Noble Cause
Creating An Abundance Of Ideas
Building The Intensity And Focus Of Your Desires
Achieving Your Biggest And Most Important Goals
Creating A Fantasy And Then Materializing It
The Emotion Of Sex Has Three Constructive Potentialities.
The Perpetuation Of Mankind.
The Maintenance Of Health
The Transformation Of Mediocrity Into Genius Through Transmutation.

When Animal Magnetism Is Harnessed And Redirected Along Other Lines,

Animal magnetism | Southbound' Inc

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