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Mustang ,Mustangs Defined The 1960′s | Southbound' Inc

Mustangs Defined The 1960's GenerationMustang

When the innovative and trendsetting Ford Mustang automobile legend was introduced to the market, nobody expect its extraordinary increase in sales and fame to automobile enthusiast. It was Jon Najjar and Robert Eggert responsible to make them happened. Ford Motor Company introduced Mustang at the New York World's Fair in April 17, 1964. Mustang was new design base on the combination of Thunderbird and Ford Falcon.Under the leadership of Ford Company president Robert McNamara Ford had pioneered such concepts as automobile safety and the conceptual marketing of "economy cars" rather than the "big boats" that the market leader G.M. ( General Motors) was famous for. The Ford Falcon was Ford's very successful economy car model. Essentially the Mustang was built on this proven platform. Ford's costs and time needed to bring the Mustang to market were little in comparison to a totally brand new product. Production problems as well were not an issue. Hence F! ord could readily introduce a very reasonably and low priced sporty product for "60's" generation and ramp up production in a snap

Mustang got heavier Mustang

Mustang got heavier and larger every year but a note changed Mustang's design and return to the original 1964 model. That letter came from a devoted Mustang customer to open the minds of designer. To their credit they were not closed minded and listened. Mustang models stand out among competitor's models through its unique pony style car. This style still affects newer car generations and models.
Mustang's new design was made possible through General Motor Engineers and Larry Shinoda. They were hired by Henry Ford to enhance and conceptualize new car models. Sports Roof Mustang was one of their models that had three-element tail-lamps. This new feature helped drivers to have better vision of passing vehicle through rear mirrors. Mustangs produced in 1970's were heavier and bigger compared from its first release. Knudsen designed the new Mustang using Torino / Fairline sheet metal. It didn't succeed because car buyers preferred to have fuel economy and safety cars. Ford Company produced great car models like Boss 351, 429 Cobra Jet and 351 Cleveland. But the Mustang 351 C became the most famous among these models. Mustang 351 C have unique features such as wraparound instrumentation, hidden wind shield wipers, bolt-on facade, modular bolt-in dash board, and monster engine...

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Mustang ,Mustangs Defined The 1960′s | Southbound' Inc

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