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Chris Edge,how did he end up in the Network Marketing profession? | Southbound' Inc

Where did Chris Edge come from and how did he/ end up in the Network Marketing profession?

my name is Chris Edge , i was born in Hobart Tasmania and spent the most part of growing up in the Huon Valley .
my parents separated when i was 3 years old i lived with my mother in Dover grew up working on the land with my grandfather , I finished year 10 in High school with satisfactory grades in 1994 and with in weeks started working at a salmon factory gutting and packing salmon for export.
some 6 month's later i quit started a few other things that i always enjoyed but was always doing it for the wrong reasons ,soon i started fishing for a living
i loved itChris Edge

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i had no worry's i got to travel all over , loads of coin to blow on partying when i was home on land , perfect job apart from the period of time when the season was close,
plus there is risks as in everything ,
any way pretty soon i fell in love with a women an started having a family ,, so i was needing something real solid for income , that's when i moved to Adelaide to seek a career .
by the time i was 30 i had finished a apprenticeship in competitive manufacturing and i was coordinating a transport yard for a major steel supplier,i had the company Ute , phone fuel card plus the salary of almost 60k year , i was staring :)
money was good all was good , except the thing that i was devoted so much to my job , to make sure that another persons company ran smooth i devoted all my energy to my job and almost forgot i had a family,
as a matter of fact
i come home from work one night and they where gone .

you see i was expelling so much energy at work i was leaving none for my home and family and friends

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i started to come home stressed and worn out, after about a year of coming home grumpy and exhausted
my little boy and girl would run up to say hello
i would tell them to go away
i would tell them that i needed time to wind down , don't talk to me right now now i need some timeout i would say
i look at your trophy later i would say
i started putting my family second to my job.
it was always ignoring them and not listening to them and they needed me i was blinded by the slavery i adapted to
in the end my kids were scared to even speak to me some nights.
when i got home that night
That night i got home from work and they had left.
we had had a third child 1 year old at the time and i never realized that my missus needed more support, it hit me hard (a lesson i will never forget , "Family is all" )to come home to a empty house.. i never new where they were for about 3 or 4 days
that's how long it took for them to answer my calls and let me know were they where ok. so i pretty much just dropped everything i owned and went back to Tasmania to find them, Which i did real quick and my oldest son come to stay with me the other 2 with there mum..
to cut the story short i won my missus back and swore that i would never put any work before my family again , today we are still together today happier than ever.
any how since i was back in Tas i got back into fishing , had my family back all together with in 2 months and within 6 months i was Abalone deck handing for a diver,
this paid good money and was part time so i could work 12 days out of the month and make about 5k.
was starting to build again finally getting on top after the worst year of my life so far right , so guess what happens next ,,,,,, i get hit by a 4x4 pick up truck at about 100km an hour.
F*ck you might say, and yes i dam near was killed.
had several broken ribs,a cracked sternum,a dislocated shoulder (still to this day), broken collar bone on the left chipped on the right,internal brain hemorrhaging bruised brain, hows this for bragging rights though i actually stood up and walked over to the ambo stretcher when i come to.
any way i was just getting on top of it all and rising high and i dam get run over .lmao ,,,now
that's the end of fishing for a while ,the end of a lot of things for about 3 months , i remember thinking for those first couple months..

why the heck am i still here?
i am so thankful i survived,
what the is the purpose of me being here now ?
how the hell am i going to get us out of this bus we live in and into a house?
because like i said i was just starting to pick my self up again i was beginning to make good money for a house but there was not any available for rent in the area at this time so i spent 3 months healing in a bus in the winter three months reading motivational self help books to keep me chin up which in turn began planting the seed for success .
i knew then and know now that i survived that for a reason.
but bugger if i know what.
i just dam happy to be alive .
but it was not long before i realized that i was not going to be able to do manual labor like i was used to .
not only work wise but for the little things like not being able to box with my son (now 12 years ) that i was now more of a stand on the side lines kind of dad,instead of the run jump f*ck fight kind .so i started feeling sorry for myself i guess and waiting for the magic formula to appear.
2 years later i was sick and tired of being sick and tired of 2 years of bull shit we were i n a house that was rented and stuck in a small town with no income except the dole ,(unemployment benefits )
enough was enough i was going to invest in myself ,build my business and reinvest my profits myself , enough was enough it was time to stop the excuses and cut the ties that was keeping me from living the life i desire.I knew if i reinvest in my self and business it will start to compound and grow at a ferocious rate
i also new the rabbit hole went deeper and was curious about online marketing as i had made a little with Forex and online poker.

so Chris Edge's network marketing profession was born.Chris Edge

I wanted to build a future for my family i owed it to them and to myself i needed to build solid income and start compounding and reinvesting in my self i took the little bit of money i had and started investing in myself just like i said ,Chris Edge
i spent months researching and self learning the ins an outs of online marketing and connecting with the best of the best in the business by attending webinars live streams and listening to inner circle audio every day 18 hours a day 7 days a week . learning and implementing all i learned as i learned it . it is easy to be lea astray in a profession like this and it is important that one stays focused and masters one technique at a time , stay consistent and stay focused on your goal you are working towards. learning is cool absorbing knowledge is cool but it wont make you money with out taking massive action. follow your instincts .
i followed my instincts and joined the 2 best networking company's in the 21st century i get to work with the best of the best in the profession of marketing where i have learned how to get people to beg me for more information about my primary business to join me and build my team .Chris Edge
my name is Chris Edge and in the next 12 months i am going to build a networking empire of 1000 members and help all of them build a empire of there own of 1000 members.
i am looking for serious go getters that want to work along side me and develop skills that will pay a life time of money.

Chris Edge is looking for entrepreneurs willing to invest $1600 into there business in the next 3 months you can contact him on Skype at chris.edge81

Chris Edge's network marketing profession

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Chris Edge,how did he end up in the Network Marketing profession? | Southbound' Inc

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