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Lake Okeechobee Fishing Is Great For Bass

Lake Okeechobee Fishing Is Great For Bass


Lake Okeechobee fishing has long been considered to be a favorite of fishermen. The huge lake is located in South Central Florida and is known worldwide for its large mouth bass fishing along with being a great spot for big blue gill and crappie. The reason for its popularity is that it produces fish not only in quantity but in quality.

Okeechobee means big water in the language of the Seminole Indians. It is well named as it is located on approximately 730 square miles of land south of Orlando and north of the Florida Everglades. The lake is about 37 miles in length and 30 miles in width. The average depth of water is around ten feet. The water levels are maintained through many canal systems and is often used for irrigation of farms around the region.

The lake has a lot of varied structure and vegetation that aid in producing the large number of fish. It contains many canals that help maintain water levels and this is one of the reasons for quality fishing experiences. There is record numbers of big bass caught there each year which is why Okeechobee is a favorite destination for tournament fisherman. Additionally you can also fish there year round although you may run into some cooler weather during the winter months.


Both spinner baits and top water lures are popular options for catching the huge bass. If live bait is your preference, shiners can be used. The grassy areas form an optimum place for the giant bass to hide out and if you know where to fish you will be sure to have a memorable fishing day.


If you are new to the area, the best way to experience it is with a guide from the Florida fishing resorts. They will show you the best techniques to use and take you to all the hot spots for the specific time of year. The last thing you want to do is waste your time riding around in Lake Okeechobee rentals on an unfamiliar body of water that may be dangerously shallow in spots. A guide will save you time and help your efforts.

Different seasons of the year lead to different methods of catching fish. Normally the most productive fishing begins in late fall through early Spring. The heat of summer may result in slower results.

If you are in search of trophy sized bass, Lake Okeechobee fishing is probably the best chance for a successful trip. The secret is to use a knowledgeable guide to help you locate the hot spots for fish. Another idea is to try various techniques to enable you to experience a productive day of great Florida fishing.

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